Friday, January 11, 2013

South Carolina Cigarette Prices

Can anyone tell me where to get cigarette prices by the state .?
we drive truck and like to find the cheapest state to buy them in .i know there bad for you but someday ill quit.
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This isn't exactly what you're looking for but it will help you. The basic price of cigarettes is about the same for all states (I'm talking about just the price from the distributor, without taxes). The federal SCHIP taxes are also the same for each state ($1.01). The differences lie in how much state taxes there are in a particular state. This map shows you the current state taxes on cigarettes. If you read the text below the map, you will see that some cities like Chicago and NYC also have an additional city tax also.…

Cheapest state is South Carolina with a state tax of $0.07 per pack. The most expensive is NYC which has a state tax of $2.75 AND a city tax of $1.50 per pack, for a total of $4.25. (remember this doesn't include the $1.01 SCHIP tax or sales taxes or the price of the actual product).

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