Monday, January 14, 2013

Free Samples Cigarettes

What are some of the more popular European cigarettes?
I smoke cigarettes and I was wondering what else there is besides Marlboro, Camel, and American Spirits? I have heard of brands like Peter Stuyvesants and Galoises and I was wondering what the best cigarettes Europe has to offer.

Preferably those that aren't too hard on the lungs either haha.
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I am a smoker in all countries i visit, also i worked for a long spell in a tobacco store here in the states so i got a bit of insight on this. Basic american brands (marbro, camel, american spirit) taste exactly the same in other countries, but a bit more stale from shipping (trust me its just the freshness of the cigs if anything) Dunno where you found Cheaper cigs, (except eastren europe... oh i love czech cigs) that i can understand but in general, sample strange looking smokes (Doina, Beratt, Eva), also if you find any of those send them my way! ha, in all seriousness tobacco laws are strict in contents, espeicaly in the EU. A good site an inexpensive online retailer that a few of my friends used with sucess is listed below, note the long delivery times to ship over duty free cigs!

WARNING SMOKING SERIOUSLY DAMAGES YOUR HEALTH Cigarette companies often sponsored sporting events, gave away free samples, had branded cars and ...